Automated Door Systems Help with Covid-19 gym management

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Hiring, managing and supporting entry staff at your gym is one of the more time consuming, necessary and difficult aspects of gym management.

With the new restrictions related to Covid-19, the demands for managing gym entry are even more difficult.

Luckily there are some door access systems that can smooth this process.

  1. Gymnify –

Pretty straightforward. Clients are issued a code that is linked to their active gym subscription. The code is scanned at the door.

Clients must have up to date billing info to receive a code. Great for reducing late payments in an automated way.

Feature for Covid-19: Can allow “timed entry” for states where their are strict limits on the number of people in a gym.

The nice thing about this system is that it is a bit more secure than key cards. Codes are updated constantly and are matched to the picture of the client, reducing the opportunity to share with non-members.

Butterfly MX

Intercom based entry system. Means that staff don’t have to be at the door and can sit comfortably at their computer. This also allows gym staff to double check billing info before allowing entry.

Feature for Covid – 19 – Can manage entry without having to stand by the door

If you are looking for a high -touch, friendly system, this one is a good fit.

Tyco –

One of the big security companies, Tyco offers a host of door access systems at a variety of price points. While, not specifically for gyms, they have the advantage of ubiquity. These systems may be able to be integrated with billing systems on a enterprise level.

Features for Covid-19 – Both staffed and unstaffed entry options, depending on your needs.

If you simply want a door access system, want a large company and are not interested in linking it to active gym accounts, this may be a good fit.


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